IEME -Tactical Training Division-

A branch of IEME International, Inc. is the IEME Tactical Division.

This division is responsible for all Tactical training and operations.

It has always been said, " that a person is only trained to there level of incompetence, and that they only revert back to there training in there desperate attempt to stay alive."  
South Shore Battle Systems
Tactical Training Division

-Tactical Training Division-

IEME adopts the philosophy of good realistic training that only money can buy. We make every effort to make the training as real and true as possible, yet maintain a level of safety and security. Every effort is made to ensure we continue to train within our scope of practice, as well as to maintain within the use of force protocols.

IEME trains in real life scenarios. Our goal is to teach each and every member who walks into our classes the best training practices set forth by our team, so as to bring it back into there daily lives. 

Tactical MedicCQB 1CQB 2PSD
VIP Protection - BasicVIP - AdvancedV.I.C.E. & A.D.V.I.C.E.Medical - Sniper Observer
Tactical RappelKrav-MagaActive ShooterTrauma First Responder