We at IEME Northeast and IEME International are on standby ready for any potential rescue service need.

We are equipped to handle and adequately trained to perform standby rescue services for permit spaced rescues as well as hazardous and non-hazardous confined spaces. 
The Team
Rescue Team
 Contractor's Standby Rescue Team (CSRT/OSHA 1910.146(K)

It doesn't matter how involved a permit required confined space is, OSHA requires that a confined space rescue team be readily available. Merely posting a service's number or planning on using 911 to obtain these services at the time of permit space emergency would not comply with the standard.

Our standby rescue service will provide you an appropriately sized and highly trained rescue team to meet all state, Federal and OSHA requirements. Our rescue team procedure meets and exceeds: OSHA regulation permit required confined spaces. 1910.146 Appendix F (rescue team or rescue service evaluation criteria) OSHA qualifications for entry supervisor, authorized entrant and attendant. All requirements of 29 CFR 1910.146 SECTION (K) (1) and (2).

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